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  Moul c4ac5b9121 [enh] update readme and todo about pipes before redirections. 3 years ago
  Moul 5d460d3da2 [enh] handle variable replacement. 3 years ago
  Moul 17e641a91e [mod] todo: move redirection close to heredoc part. 3 years ago
  Moul 44da4d2d24 [fix] cotes: spaces between non-coted blocks is now removed: 3 years ago
  Moul a0c8f68cf1 [fix] cotes: fix splitting at space between two coted blocks: 3 years ago
  Moul db4049fda1 [enh] update todo with (un)set term caps modes explainations. 3 years ago
  Moul 6301905b34 [enh] update bonus and todo: 3 years ago
  Moul 21b468d55f [enh] herething: use fork, split herething process from classical one, 3 years ago
  Moul 10f1569698 [enh] herething: refactor as it wasn't build to do the right thing: 3 years ago
  Moul f3b76f75c1 [fix] cmd_splitting: begining parsing of the string was random… 3 years ago
  Moul 08dbb483b6 [enh] handle copy, paste with system clipboard. 3 years ago
  Moul f22782c8df [enh] pipe: split cmd only for pipes inside non-coted blocks. 3 years ago
  Moul 460af09384 [enh] handle to not split at '|' between coted blocks: 3 years ago
  Moul f4038b8015 [enh] add block coted detection: 4 years ago
  Moul 28f00a6d36 [doc] TODO: add deliver section. 4 years ago
  Moul ae7d4b3285 [mod] move documentation links on todo file. 4 years ago
  Moul b9f012a043 [enh] move todos in an other file. 4 years ago