Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Moul cbc4b23842 [enh] double redirections: enhance unit tests. 3 years ago
  Moul feac05beb6 [enh] add unit tests for double redirections. 3 years ago
  Moul b13608462a [mod] remove unit test for backcote redirection. 3 years ago
  Moul 8dc57e5ca4 [enh] tests: count nbr of succeed tests. Comment false tests. 3 years ago
  Moul c28b362592 [enh] unit tests: add color output if succeed or not. diff output is used. 3 years ago
  Moul 2e4187f229 [fix] segfault for coted block and openned coted block: 4 years ago
  Moul 26923b2405 [fix] could not execute absolute given file when PATH is unset: 4 years ago
  Moul 4d641f6e7b [enh] unit tests on cotes: 4 years ago
  Moul 460af09384 [enh] handle to not split at '|' between coted blocks: 4 years ago
  Moul baa05adbe8 [enh] handle to not parse chevrons between coted blocks: 4 years ago
  Moul 3b1ee0d1b5 [fix] correct two segfault origin: 4 years ago
  Moul 799a795f53 [enh] add unit tests for coted blocks. 4 years ago
  Moul cd62f4c7d5 [enh] add unit tests for redirections from one fd to an other. 4 years ago
  Moul 22d3078119 [enh] handle closing redirection. 4 years ago
  Moul 1a718341da [enh] Handle 2>&1 fd redirections. 4 years ago
  Moul 24458f290a [fix] pipe: do not display error message. Add tests. 4 years ago
  Moul 30797b261d [enh] unit tests: add make rule which compile, use variables for shell names and output files, add script test, enable hardcore test. 4 years ago
  Moul d08c535926 [fix] redirections: prenvent segfault by checking there is char before and after chevrons. Add corresponding unit tests. 4 years ago
  Moul 7699d47a58 [enh] redirections: use common code for right chevrons. 4 years ago
  Moul f31a97aca5 [enh] units tests: enable redirections, use variable for tmp file. 4 years ago
  Moul 5e7fd396f1 [norm] move pipe function. 4 years ago
  Moul 428e7a33b8 [enh] unit tests: enable pipe checking and add new rules. 4 years ago
  Moul f2bebf677b [enh] add units tests: pipe, redirections rights and left. 4 years ago
  Moul 67dec70f3f [enh] Add unit tests shell script \o/. 4 years ago