Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Moul f25ce931d1 [norm] remove itoa_base which is now on 'itoa_base' branch. 4 years ago
  Moul 79d632d882 [mod] libft: add '-g' option at compilation. 4 years ago
  Moul 0872d413d3 [enh] libft: add tabdel f(). free env. 4 years ago
  Moul e5eafe5c5c [enh] new f() to free str when asigning on same var. 4 years ago
  Moul 5e1c546d47 [enh] libft: add function which search pos of a char in a string. 4 years ago
  Moul 6d6f222cb8 [enh] add ft_isvisible() for 21sh. 5 years ago
  Moul 0326544f15 [enh] makefile: rename git rule and add 'git status' command. 5 years ago
  Moul 13210735a7 [enh] add count_char_str(). 5 years ago
  Moul eb9b580b7e [enh] Makefile: check objects are update. If note recompile them. 5 years ago
  Moul 1f5cc813a2 [enh] Makefile: remove useless lines. 5 years ago
  Moul 12fb6ef1f6 [enh] Makefile: Move flags in a variable. Add diff rule. Norm: grep only errors. 5 years ago
  Moul e87fdd161d [enh] Add printf and dprintf functions. [Fix] ortho in Makefile. 5 years ago
  Moul 2e8df4acdd Forget @. 5 years ago
  Moul c5c7c68c2c Enhance makefile. Don't work with /obj diretory. Move sources in src/ directory. 5 years ago
  Moul 3e830f0078 Makefile: add norminette rule. Add 42 headers. itoa is now based on itoa_base. Enh itoa_base but doesn't fit with norm. 5 years ago
  Moul 2376222586 Add ft_itoa_base and sort_int_tab functions. Add explicits comments on makefile commands. Add future /obj repository to store objects to only recompile modified functions. 5 years ago
  Moul ddcdbcc8a8 Add ft_puttabint function which can display square and variable size. 5 years ago
  Moul 315b71211e Fix files rights. Add ft_strdup_till function. 5 years ago
  Moul 098498d462 Add ft_strndup. 5 years ago
  Moul f241b3ef83 Add libft 5 years ago