Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Moul 4d9a5bf5c3 [mod] setenv: add new var at the end of the chart. 3 years ago
  Moul 45bdc78964 [fix] remove '[({' for parenthesis parsing which is source of segfault when termcaps are broken. 3 years ago
  Moul 8a3802043a [fix] insertion was going too far. Disable copy. 3 years ago
  Moul 57285268fa [fix] security: execute first executables on PATH then with given path. 3 years ago
  Moul e60e09d434 [enh] handle ctrl + C: break loop. 3 years ago
  Moul bd01b6e674 [fix] term: 'ISIG' wasn't set. 3 years ago
  Moul cf7f749dc8 [enh] insert: better memory management. 3 years ago
  Moul 69f362c76c [enh] save and restore previous state of main repo. 3 years ago
  Moul 7944205169 [norm] exec: too long line. 3 years ago
  Moul e49186e301 [norm] exec: f() > 26L: mv var on global struct. 3 years ago
  Moul 3381f20a11 [fix] exec: mleaks at path join. 3 years ago
  Moul 7ee5987c24 [fix] history: free str: mleaks and potential bug fix. 3 years ago
  Moul aeda4ce8af [fix] history: malloc when assigning 'e->cmd' which will be freed if moving on history. 3 years ago
  Moul cb47306f98 [enh] free data for double redirections. free cmd_opt only on non-double redir. 3 years ago
  Moul f4436c2a05 [mod] merge two f() for memory freeing. 3 years ago
  Moul ef0481eb35 [fix] mleaks for redirections on last 'fd'. 3 years ago
  Moul 13a19436f9 [mod] launch_pipe: move free f() on an other f(). 3 years ago
  Moul 942bcb13d2 [fix] cd: fix mleaks. 3 years ago
  Moul 970f2865f0 [fix] del env var: wrong env var was freed. 3 years ago
  Moul 1824dc3e3b [enh] env var: duplicate env var which is not malloced: 3 years ago
  Moul 14785775b2 [fix] add env var: duplicate memory as cmd is now freed. 3 years ago
  Moul 78f1fd4c84 [fix] env var: forget to set var to initial value. 3 years ago
  Moul 6780104a87 [mod] rename variables_replacements() and enh comments. 3 years ago
  Moul eba0cd03cf [enh] fix mleaks on replacement f(). 3 years ago
  Moul 9d7a6604fe [enh] document env var f(). 3 years ago
  Moul f520b53748 [fix] herething: free all tab. 3 years ago
  Moul f1c6136406 [norm] here*: here_edition() had > 25 lines. 3 years ago
  Moul fbd7745843 [enh] fix mleaks for here{doc,thing}. 3 years ago
  Moul d562cc1983 [enh] free tab which contains env var. Not done first time. 3 years ago
  Moul a1236f810f [fix] free string when deleting var env. 3 years ago