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21 Shell

21 Shell project


  • Begin/End:
    • Home & End
    • Ctrl + A & Ctrl + E
  • Move between words: Ctrl + U & Ctrl + I
  • Move between lines up/down: Ctrl + T & Ctrl + G


  • Rights on the path
  • ./21sh -c "ls; pwd"
  • Basic script execution: ./21sh
  • Unit tests: make test
  • Moving up and down between lines
  • Moving right left on many lines
  • Also works moving between words
  • Documented code with comments
  • Ctrl + L: clear

Functionnal schema

Three entries:

  • Command with '-c' option
  • Script as sub-cmd
  • Open Shell
    • Termcaps
    • Handle line parsing
    • History
    • Herething
    • Handle semicolons
      • Launch pipes
      • Launch redirections
      • Launch executions
      • Launch executables
      • Launch built-in: cd, pwd, env, setenv and unsetenv